CREIGHTON – 32 teams start off in the Class D playoffs. That will be cut in half this week. On Thursday, #15 Diller-Odell (3-5) heads to #2 Creighton (7-1). The game kicks off at 2 p.m. on NCN 21.1, with pregame going live at 1:45 p.m. The Griffins enter the matchup on a three game […]

WAYNE – Those who live near Nebraska Street in Wayne will be experiencing road construction starting this week. Penro Construction Company out of Pender is the contractor installing a new water main on Nebraska Street. The water line will go from 3rd to 7th street on Nebraska. With work scheduled to begin this week, the […]

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — You probably already know whether you’ll vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton on Election Day, leaving one important question to consider when you walk into your polling place: Is it OK to take a picture of your ballot? While secrecy in the voting booth has become a thing of the […]

Here is the schedule of playoff games on News Channel Nebraska this week: NCN 35.1 THURSDAY – Creighton vs. Diller-Odell Pregame: 1:45pm/Kick-off: 2:00pm – Osmond vs. Randolph Pregame: 6:45pm/Kick-off: 7:00 pm FRIDAY – Aquinas Catholic vs. Norfolk Catholic Pregame: 6:45pm /Kick-off 7:00 pm NCN 35.3 THURSDAY – Osmond vs. Randolph Pregame: 6:45pm/Kick-off: 7:00 pm FRIDAY […]

KEARNEY – Next up from the Kearney Club was the boys Classes D and B for the NSAA Cross Country Championships. From Class D Norfolk Catholic took won the team title with 61 points, followed by Malcolm in second who scored 68 points and Stanton placed third with 75 points. Other northeast Nebraska Class D […]

COLUMBUS – Local residents Patricia and Roy Bills have been awarded the Nebraska Housing Residents of the Year Award, thanks to their daily efforts to help their neighbors. Columbus Housing Authority Executive Director Bonnie McPhillips says the award is given out by the Nebraska Housing Association and says Patricia and Roy have both been wonderful […]

Kimball, Neb– The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is seeking information about two cases involving the unlawful killing of big game animals in western and north-central Nebraska. One case involves the death of four buck pronghorns. The remains of the animals, minus three of the heads and some of the meat, were found Oct. 17 on […]

YORK – The NPPD held a special demonstration for media members at their York Operations Center on Tuesday morning, giving News Channel Nebraska the opportunity to climb poles, check wires and do all that lineworkers get to do on a day to day basis. “It’s important that people are getting the electricity they are expecting […]

WAYNE – Join Wayne State College Wednesday for a pair of sessions about a public health topic: From Nebraska to Tanzania and Back. Katherine Kotas, a 2015 graduate is a Nebraska native, who majored in political science and minored in biology and public administration at Wayne State College. The first session will start at 9 a.m. […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s high school graduation rate has reached a record 83.2 percent, continuing a steady increase that shows improvement across all racial and ethnic groups, according to federal data released Monday. For the 2014-15 school year, Nebraska’s graduation rate was 88.9 percent, ranking fifth among the 50 states and the District of […]