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Elkhorn Valley Museum Celebrates Carson's Birthday

NORFOLK - Thursday would have been Johnny Carson's 89th birthday, and his hometown is celebrating his legacy with a party. The Elkhorn Valley Museum in Norfolk is hosting an 89th birthday party in Carson's honor. Museum officials have erected displays celebrating the life of the longtime Tonight Show host and his ties to his hometown. The Museum is also playing a marathon of classic Tonight Show episodes, and displaying many artifacts from their Carson collection. The Museum is also offering...

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Jodi Arias Trial Hit With Another Juror Issue

(NEW YORK) -- The Jodi Arias trial ended early on Thursday because of a "juror issue," the latest incident in the four-day-old trial involving jurors.The jury is not expected to re....

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Watch the Canadian Parliament Attack Unfold

(OTTAWA, Ontario) -- Canadian police officials released surveillance footage and a description Thursday that gives a moment-by-moment breakdown of the Wednesday attack near and ins....

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Luke Bryan Finds "Bro Country" Label Aggravating and Derogatory

Luke Bryan may sing about trucks and girls and drinking beer on a few of his songs, but don't you dare call his music "bro country."  Luke tells ABC News he finds that term ....

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